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Allied Services

Under these Allied Services, our experts will test proper leveling, voltage and more factors for the customers. In addition, our experts do not help in installation of machines as part of testing services. For non-temperature systems, we check different features such as pivotation for centrifuges, weighing precisions for balances and pH units for varied pH meters. There are various instruments that are tested on different parameters, for example, moisture-resistance environment, dry-resistance, cold-resistance, and heat resistance under our Allied Services.
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NOC from Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoEF)

Price: 10000 INR/Pack
  • Supply Ability:10000 Per Day
  • Delivery Time:1 Days
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Trademark, ISO Allied Services

Price: 10000 INR/Case

We are an expert in ‘Intellectual property rights’, So we understand how to protect and build business assets. Our experts optimise your time and money and ensure you complete protection of your Intellectual Properties while also assisting you for Search, Registration, Renewal and Oppositions. One-stop destination for Trademark Registration Copyright Registration Design Registration Patent Registration IndianNexus believes in helping you achieve your business objectives without any type of hassles. We deal in all the matters pertaining to Trademark Registration, Copyright Registration, Design Registration, and Patent Registration. We are a consortium of leading professionals all over India handling the different aspects of a business. We are a syndicate of experts from all over the entire gamut of business processes and are always there to provide a one-stop solution by supporting you in all required processes to establish a business. We are specialists in the various facts of requirement of trademarks, designs and copyright laws and practices in India. You can avail hassle-free registration services from us.

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ROHS-FSSAI And CE Certifications Services

Price: 10000 INR/Pack

FSSAI has been established under the Food Safety and Standards Act 2006, with the sole aim of laying Science-based standards for articles of food and to regulate their manufacture, storage, distribution, sale, and import to make sure food is at consumable level with all instructions label stamped on the product itself. This Act combines all the multi-level and multi-departmental control to a single line of command to FSSAI. Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive:These are the specified rules and standards for use of the certain hazardous substances in electric and electronic products. Adopted by European Union in February 2003 and RoHS 1 directive started effectively from 1 July 2006 in accordance with each member being part of that imitative. Any business selling these electric or electronic to consumers or supplying these to RoHS countries must acquire this certification to be in compliance with regulations of law. Federal Communications Commission is an independent agency of US government to regulate interstate communications by radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable. FCC works with these six goals in the areas of broadband, competition, spectrum, Media, public safety and homeland safety. FCC Commission has the responsibility for revoking a license, impose a monetary forfeiture, issue warning for airing obscene content. This FCC mark employed on electronic products manufactured or to be sold in the USA which certifies that electromagnetic interference is within limits by Federal Communications Commission.

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LED Luminaries And Other Certifications Services

Price: 20000 INR/Pack

LM79 Certification LM79 testing is done to check the electrical and photometric measurements for LED luminaries on different parameters. Flux (light output), electrical power, efficacy, chromaticity, and intensity distribution are the basic fundamentals for which luminaries are tested and then if approved new products can go through to launch in the respective markets. This test is applicable to products with LED-based Solid-state lighting (SSL) based individual goods. With IndianNexus you will be provided assistance in checking your products through NABL accredited labs with all the regular process to the whole process to get smoothly. LM80 Certification LM80 is another important test done for measuring the lumen maintenance and lifespan of the respective LED’s. This method is strictly done under the controlled conditions i.e. three different temperatures, minimum 6000 hours, testing intervals etc so the result may vary if performed otherwise. It covers the Lumen depreciation of Solid state light source, such as LED packages, modules, and arrays in determining the final effective values of the products. IndianNexus professional teams are here to guide manufacturers and vendors who are looking to bring their new LED’s product in the market must undergo these tests at certified labs for precise results. IP test Ingress Protection testing is done to check the product reaction to water, dust and foreign object which determines their placement indoor or outdoor. New products being launched in the markets must go through this rigorous check from small dust particles to high jet streams of water which determines the level of product as per their safety, storing and protection from inside or outside activity. Solid foreign objects and water are mostly used in determining for IP testing. With IndianNexus team you will get product examined thoroughly for the right IP testing procedures to get it suitable for launching in the market for long-term benefits. IP ratings are written as IPXX with first character degree of protection from solid objects while the second from water respectively. IK test Impact Protection or Mechanical impact standards determine the degree of protection that product have against the external harmful impact like vandalism. International standard IEC 62262 is used in conjugation with IK testing for determining the IK values for the respective products. These ratings values are given from 00 to 10 with 00 being the no protection while the 10 means the highest which are based on the amount of joules force applied on the object. With IndianNexus get your product will get the important IK ratings for customers to get the right information from recognized labs for efficient results. Degrees of protection against external mechanical impacts. EMC test Electromagnetic compatibility Tests are performed to check the reliability and compatibility of the product performance in their respective electromagnetic environment without affecting any other device working. Mobile Phones, Television, Washing machine, laptops etc emits electromagnetic field which can interfere with each other for catastrophic results but with EMC testing ensures that product works well with other electronic products nearby and is made with all the EMC standards prevailing in the international scope. With IndianNexus you will be provided with thorough guidance on EMC standard procedures that will help your product take on a global reach with all the required certifications from accredited organizations. Surge test Surge Tests are the procedures which determine the product capacity to without surges in the changes from the voltage of the electricity. These are specifically done to find the faults from turn to turn insulation weaknesses, coil to coil and phase to phase insulations. Any type of coil from small sensors to large electric motors can be checked for their respective performance in this Surge Test. Insulation in coils depends on a various factor which must be tested for their better performance i.e. thermal cycling, vibration, chemical attack, partial discharge, mechanical movement of coils abrading insulation, exposure to damaging transients, exposure to radiation, VFD operation. Manufacturers must get this surge test done for their motor coils that will give their customers the trust and confidence in using the products universally. IndianNexus professional will personally ensure that your product goes through the rigorous checking from recognized labs for complete customer satisfaction. Driver performance as per IS16104 This IS 16104 standard performance is done for electronic control gear for their effective use of D.C. supplies up to 1000V and A.C. supplies up to 1000V at a regular 50Hz frequency with different output frequencies. These performance standards are applicable for all LED modules that comes under general lighting category. A LED manufacturer who is launching their new equipment must get their certificated from NABL accredited laboratory only. With IndianNexus you will be communicating with our market professionals who will make every effort for getting your products certified within permissible limits. Photo Biological safety TM-30- 15 TM-30- 15 is one of the latest methods for evaluating color rendition in the lighting community. This test consists of three basic components Rf (fidelity index), Rg, (gamut index) and Color vector graphic which the determines different hue and saturation levels. These Color Fidelity Index (Rf), Color Gamut Score (Rg) and Color Vector Graphic considers 99 real-world objects based on 105,000 objects which are used for analyzing a characteristic of color from traditional solid-state and modern light source. IndianNexus will aid you in making the product ready for comprehensive TM-30- 15 testing and fill in the right forms for getting the certification from accredited labs. EMC TEST & Certifications Electro Magnetic Compatibility Testing is done on the electrical products for their efficient practices of the electromagnetic energy as per the national or International standards prevailing in the country. These testing will check the products in terms of their Emissions, susceptibility, and immunity in relation to Radio frequency interference (RFI) from other sources. These products go through routine EMC routines with focus on Magnetic Fields, Voltage drops, Electromagnetic Surges, Conducted and Radiated electromagnetic noise, Electrostatic Discharges, and Fast transients as per the product and their electromagnetic energy around them. These EMC tests are done on direct consumer products like Mobile phones, laptops, Ovens etc, Medical Devices, Military devices and products that inhibit electromagnetic energy of any kind. IndianNexus will assist in every way for launching your new market products for going through these EMC testing procedures in recognized labs in India. UN (38.3) Transportation Testing for Lithium Cells and Batteries This important test is done for the safe Transportation of lithium batteries that is governed and maintained under the United Nations recommendations (UN 38.3). These shipping regulations define the way to transfer these Lithium-ion batteries in a more safe way. Lithium batteries are termed as dangerous goods on their marking. The design of the batteries has to go through series of test are that makes it safe to use, pack, test and transport accordingly. Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) Testing Specific Absorption Rate is the standard unit at which human body absorbs radio frequency energy emitted from mobile phones. So for mobile phones to launch in the market these tests must be conducted which they must pass to be available for sale to the public respectively. Mobile or Smartphone’s in India needs to be tested and certified as per the accordance O.M. 18-10/2008- IP Dated 17th Aug 2012 Issued by Government of India Ministry of Communications & IT Department of telecommunications which limits the SAR value on Mobile devices to be less than or equal to 1.6w/kg average over 1 gm tissue w.e.f.1st September 2012. All mobile handsets now have mandatory requirements for a hands-free mode to avoid these electromagnetic exposures. With IndianNexus we will guide you with on the best labs that will guarantee your product approval with right certification on a global level.


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