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Good Laboratory Practice Glp

One of the fundamental purposes of the Principles of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)is to ensure the quality and integrity of test data related to non-clinical safety studies. The way in which study data, supporting human, animal, and environmental safety assessment, is generated, handled, reported, retained, and archived has continued to evolve in line with the introduction and ongoing development of supporting technologies. However, the main purpose of the requirements of the Principles of GLP remains the same in having confidence in the quality, the integrity of the data, and being able to reconstruct activities performed during the conduct of non-clinical safety studies. This OECD Advisory Document on GLP Data Integrity provides guidance for test facilities or test sites that conduct GLP studies and aims to promote a risk-based approach to the management of data.

 Benefits of GLP:

  • Increased confidence in the reliabilityand trustworthiness of laboratory data.
  • Increased production of right first timeresults.
  • Increased overall productivity.
  • Increased laboratory reputation.
  • Reduced need for re-work.
  • Reduced time spent on non-revenueearning investigations. 

Us Fda Registration

A Registration is a mandatory requirement to place your products in the USA.

  • US FDA Registration is given under the US bioterrorism act. After registration, you are allocated a registration number which is used.
  • US custom authority & other concerned authorities in the USA to establish your genuine identity as a supplier to the USA.
  • US FDA registration is given in many categories.
  • Apparat from these US FDA Registration can also be obtained for packaging materials, ute
  • nsils & some other product categories.


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